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Peter's repository program (C++, Demo and tutorial for gSAFE)

pRepo is a small repository program, which intend to shows using of gSAFE. It is a complex tutorial written in less than 1000 rows C++ file. It uses many functions of gSAFE (XML metadata,Dynamic GUI building, Role system, Logger system,etc)

About "pRepo": It is a Repository program. You can add objects to the system, the program gives an unique repository number for every object. You can specify serial numbers, types, incoming values and dates. You can also define places where the object is currenty located and accountables which is assigned to the stored objects. Every changes made on objects is automatically logged, and you can trace it with this program. No metter how many changes you did on an object, the tracing is always shows you the history of every object. It stores the data in sqlite database, so you can use this program everywhere, don't need server connection or internet. This program can run on Win32 and Linux too.


scr1 scr2

Quick code insight

Metadata describe XML file (Work with HFactory class)
The C++ header file
The C++ source file


pRepo Source code v0.32 (2014.05.28) Win/Linux/Mac
To compile this source you also have to download gSAFE

Win32 binary english Executable binary in one zipped file v0.32 (2014.05.28)
Win32 binary hungarian Executable binary in one zipped file v0.32 (2014.05.28)
Author: Péter Deák
License: GPL v2
Contact Email: emailaddrat