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ScanLocs is a folder structure GPS location scanner (C++)

I like to travelling and photographing. The last few years I colleted lot of gigabytes of pictures. This photos are stored on my computer in a different folders separated by trip/date. It's easy to search a photo according the shooting time, but hard to find photos taken on a specified city or other location. I decided to write a small program which can solve this problem.

ScanLocs is a small command line program. It scans a whole directory structure and collects the GPS location data which are stored in a small tag files. This tag files are small text files containig GPS coordinates, they are located in picture folders. After the scanning process you can opens a html (goole map) in your browser and see all of the locations you photographed. By clicking to this location your browser can jump to the picture folder to show the files.

It's easy to tag a folder with one or more location. Just put a "" file to it with the specified content. (described down)
Of course you can put more location to one tag file. (Becouse You probably taken photos more than one place on a travel)
If more than one folder tagged to same (or near same) location, the program shows they in only one node, and sort it according to the shooting time.

Using: Just click on the 0_index.html file, and a browser will pop up with your locations associated the folders.
Internet connection must be available!

Tag files

The tag files are textual files named "". Each row of the file points a location.
The rows should contains comma separated fields:
Location name; Shooting date; GPS lat,GPS long; Optional: first image

Sample tag file:
Frankfurt am Main;2012.05.28;50.112102,8.680744;

How to find out GPS coordinates...


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ScanLocs Source code v0.91 (2012.05.29) Win/Linux/Mac

Win32 binary english Executable binary in one zipped file v0.91 (2012.05.29)
Author: Péter Deák
License: GPL v2
Contact Email: emailaddrat