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Huge image viewer for PDA (C# .NET Compact Framework)

Splitview is written for one reason. My pda (Windows mobile) can't show big images (~10Mb jpg). This files are tipically map files. So I decided to write a small program to my PC which can split the big images to smaller mosaic parts, and generate an index file to pair the mosaic files to each other. And secondly I wrote a small viewer to my PDA which can view the big map file very fast way, becouse it's only shows a small mosaic parts, and automatically load the next one if I sroll the picture. This is the Splitview. Written in C# and works on all windows mobile platform which supported by the .NET Compact Framework. The splitter program is run on PC (.NET)




Splitview DOTNET compact binary Win32 (2010.08.18) .NET compact fw. required!
SplitView source code (2010.08.18)

SplitviewMaker DOTNET/Mono binary Win32/Linux (2010.08.18) .NET/Mono fw. required!
SplitViewMaker source code (2010.08.18)
Author: Péter Deák
License: GPL v2
Contact Email: mailaddressat