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OpenGL based environment generation (C++, uses the gSAFE)

TreeGen is an environment generator. Generate normal trees palm trees undergrows (Fern) grass. You can adjust the parameters of the generation, so you can generate different kind of trees or other objects. The program uses OpenGL and GLSL (OpenGL Shader Language). The generated objects stores the parameters which are editable later, can be saved or loaded from file. The stored files are sqlite databases. The program could generate scenes with more million triangles so it can be use to measure the performance of the video card. I wrote it to have a fun, and practise the OpenGL and shaders. It uses/contains the gSAFE library (mentioned above) to edit/store/load the parameters of the generated objects. So this program is an example of using the gSAFE too.


scr1 scr2 scr3


TreeGen Source code included gSAFE v1.0.2 (2011.05.20)
TreeGen Windows binary (2011.05.20)
Author: Péter Deák
License: GPL v2
Contact Email: mailaddressat