gSAFE  1.3.8
gSAFE Documentation

gSAFE is a General Sql dAtabase Front End multiplatform library written in C++ based on Qt ( It is a complex system which define meta objects (Tables / Lists), which can autogenerate the graphical interfaces to manipulate the data. These meta objects can work together with Sql databases (PostgreSQL,MySQL,Sqlite,Odbc) handles timestamps, concurence writing etc. The meta objects contains all information about the data which need to manupulete, shows, store, print or even make a excel table from its, including the attributes for the gui to edit the fields. You can define this meta object from program code or XML source. After you defined the meta object they can be attached to gui or send to printer or make a table. The gui is generated by the attributes of meta data table. This library enables you to develop sql based application really quick time. The base library is developed with Qt so the generated gui is a Qt based gui, work on all platform where the Qt runs.

The base modules of gSAFE: