PermissionFlags module

Module name: permissionflags
You have to enable this module in site/_modules.php file to use it.

This module creates permission flags to authenticated users according to an associative array of tag names and descriptions. The flags are editable within the user add/edit page. The flags will always loaded and located in $user object.

Methods of File object

Sample to define tags in _settings.php

	global $user_permission_flags;
	$user_permission_flags = [
	    'perm_createsome'  => 'Permission to create something',
	    'perm_editsome'    => 'Permission to edit something',
	    'perm_createother' => 'Permission to create other things',
	    'perm_editother'   => 'Permission to edit other things',

Note: Because changing the flags may cause sql modifications in the database, you have to check sqlchema page after every $user_permission_flags modification.

Use the flag in php codes

	print "Hello ";
	    print "you can ";
	    print "you cannot ";
	print "edit something";