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HExcelXmlGenerator Class Reference

#include <xmlolib.h>

Public Member Functions

 HExcelXmlGenerator (void)
 ~HExcelXmlGenerator (void)
void generate (HBase *d, QTextStream *s, QString params="")
void generateToFile (HBase *d, QString filename, QString params="")
QString generateToString (HBase *d, QString params="")

Detailed Description

This class can generate an Excel 2003 XML table output from a HPlainDataMatrix/HList/HTable objects.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HExcelXmlGenerator::HExcelXmlGenerator ( void  )

Creates a HExcelXmlGenerator object

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HExcelXmlGenerator::~HExcelXmlGenerator ( void  )


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Member Function Documentation

void HExcelXmlGenerator::generate ( HBase d,
QTextStream *  s,
QString  params = "" 

Generate the Excel 2003 Xml table output from the HPlainDataMatrix/HList/HTable and the output is written to the "s" stream.

dthe HTable/HList/HPlainDataMatrix class which holds the data to export
sthe Output strem to the exported xml data
paramsyou can set some parameter in this text. It can contains:
  • bordered_data : Put border/frame around the data cells.
  • set_columnwidth : Set auto resized wider columns.
  • without_header : Don't export the column header cells.
  • notitle : Don't export the title to the table.

Definition at line 29 of file xmlolib.cpp.

void HExcelXmlGenerator::generateToFile ( HBase d,
QString  filename,
QString  params = "" 

Generates the output to a file. (It calls the generate() )

See Also

Definition at line 332 of file xmlolib.cpp.

QString HExcelXmlGenerator::generateToString ( HBase d,
QString  params = "" 

Generates the output to QString. (It calls the generate() )

See Also

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