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HRefreshAgentNetclient Class Reference

#include <datalib.h>

Inherits QObject.


void connectionEstablished ()
void connectionLost ()

Public Member Functions

 HRefreshAgentNetclient (QString server_ip)
 ~HRefreshAgentNetclient ()

Static Public Member Functions

static HRefreshAgentNetclientgetHRefreshAgentNetclient (void)
static bool isConnected (void)

Static Protected Attributes

static bool inNotify = false
static HRefreshAgentNetclienttheone = NULL

Detailed Description

This is the class which extends the functionality of HRefreshAgent to work on network and more program instance. It works as a network client which connect to the server. (The server runs an instance of HRefreshAgentNetserver)
You can use this class by creating an instance afrer the HRefreshAgent. The HRefreshAgent instance must be created before creating HRefreshAgentNetclient instance! This class will be automatically find and work together with HRefreshAgent. You can set the HRefreshAgentNetserver IP address or name in the constructor.

Definition at line 275 of file datalib.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HRefreshAgentNetclient::HRefreshAgentNetclient ( QString  server_ip)

Creates an instance of HRefreshAgentNetclient and connect to the server_ip address

Definition at line 656 of file datalib.cpp.

HRefreshAgentNetclient::~HRefreshAgentNetclient ( )


Definition at line 683 of file datalib.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void HRefreshAgentNetclient::connectionEstablished ( )

Activcated if the network connection is established

void HRefreshAgentNetclient::connectionLost ( )

Activated if the network connection is lost

static HRefreshAgentNetclient* HRefreshAgentNetclient::getHRefreshAgentNetclient ( void  )

Returns the pointer of the HRefreshAgentNetclient instance

Definition at line 288 of file datalib.h.

bool HRefreshAgentNetclient::isConnected ( void  )

Returns true if the client is connected to server

Definition at line 676 of file datalib.cpp.

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