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HDispPlainDataMatrix Class Reference

#include <guilib.h>

Inherits QFrame.

Public Slots

int dialogHtmlShow (void)
int dialogPrint (void)
int dialogXml (void)
int itemAlternateActivated (const QString &s)
int slotActivateItem (const QString k)


void activateItem (QString k)

Public Member Functions

 HDispPlainDataMatrix (QWidget *parent, HBase *d, bool htmlmode=false, int keyfield=-1, int ddata=DONT_DELETE_DATA)
 ~HDispPlainDataMatrix (void)
void setColumnColor (int col, QColor color)
void setGenHtmlParameters (QString p)

Protected Attributes

int deletedata
 Data allocation handling mode.
QString genhtml_parameters

Detailed Description

HPlainDataMatrix is a GUI viewer class for a HPlainDataMatrix object. Shows the data in a HTableBrowser, and put a xml output button and a print preview button above the lister. It can put an optional html output button too, if the content have html output. (The html content will be generated by HPlainDataMatrix::getContentAsHtml() the html content will be generated with the following parameters: "html center" )

See Also

Definition at line 529 of file guilib.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HDispPlainDataMatrix::HDispPlainDataMatrix ( QWidget *  parent,
HBase d,
bool  htmlmode = false,
int  keyfield = -1,
int  ddata = DONT_DELETE_DATA 

Creates a HDispPlainDataMatrix object

parentthe parent GUI widget (QWidget descendant)
dthe metadata object to show. This case it means a HPlainDataMatrix object
htmlmodeif this parameter true, the html output button will be shown. (The html content will be generated by HPlainDataMatrix::getContentAsHtml() with parameters "html center" )
keyfieldyou can specify the key of the HTableBrowser elements. This is important when the user clicks on an element. That case the "activateItem" signal will be emitted which tell the key of the activated item. The HPlainDataMatrix class also have a keyfield attributa which is overrides this parameter except if it is leaved -2 (which is the default) This keyfield can be:
  • keyfield = -1 a new key will be generated, which will be the index number of the rows.
  • keyfield >= 0 means the keyfield indexed column will be the index.
ddata:This define tells what happend with the metadata if the gui object is deleted.
  • DONT_DELETE_DATA If the gui object is deleted, leaves the metadata object untouched. (You need to manually delete the metadata later)
  • DELETE_DATA If the gui object is deleted it deletes the metadata object too. It deletes the connected meta-data object too. (Connected tables, see HTableBase) (You can't use the metadata later)

Definition at line 2196 of file guilib.cpp.

HDispPlainDataMatrix::~HDispPlainDataMatrix ( void  )


Definition at line 2308 of file guilib.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void HDispPlainDataMatrix::activateItem ( QString  k)

The user activated (clicked) on the following keyed element "k"

int HDispPlainDataMatrix::dialogHtmlShow ( void  )

Shows the html view dialog

Definition at line 2298 of file guilib.cpp.

int HDispPlainDataMatrix::dialogPrint ( void  )

Shows the print preview dialog

Definition at line 2282 of file guilib.cpp.

int HDispPlainDataMatrix::dialogXml ( void  )

Shows the xml output dialog

Definition at line 2290 of file guilib.cpp.

int HDispPlainDataMatrix::itemAlternateActivated ( const QString &  s)

Alternate activate the key "s" element

Definition at line 2276 of file guilib.cpp.

void HDispPlainDataMatrix::setColumnColor ( int  col,
QColor  color 

Sets the color of the specified column

Definition at line 565 of file guilib.h.

void HDispPlainDataMatrix::setGenHtmlParameters ( QString  p)

Sets html generation parameters. The html content will be generated by HPlainDataMatrix::getContentAsHtml() with parameters "html center" by default. You can redefine this parameterstring with this function

Definition at line 562 of file guilib.h.

int HDispPlainDataMatrix::slotActivateItem ( const QString  k)

Activate the key "k" element

Definition at line 2266 of file guilib.cpp.

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