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HSqlInterface Class Reference

#include <datalib.h>

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Public Member Functions

 HSqlInterface ()
 ~HSqlInterface ()
void cloneSqlInterfaceSettingsFrom (HSqlInterface *other)
HSqlSingleInterfacemyInterface (void)
QString sqlConcatenateToLocal (QString string)
QString sqlConcatenateToLocal (QStringList fields)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HBase
 HBase (void)
 ~HBase (void)
QString getWhoami (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static HSqlSingleInterfacecurrentDefaultSqlInterface (void)
static HSqlSingleInterfacegetSqlInterface (QString interfacename)
static void setSqlMode (QString modename)
static void setSqlModeBackToFirst (void)

Additional Inherited Members

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QString whoami

Detailed Description

The base class of all sql related class. It contains important informations about the underlying sql database. For example: which format can be used for strings? or what types are in databases? etc...
So in nutshell this is the sql format class. One single sql database type interface is hold in HSqlSingleInterface class. (You have to redefine that class to write a new interface)

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Definition at line 692 of file datalib.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HSqlInterface::HSqlInterface ( )

Constuctor (Does no need to call directly)

Definition at line 997 of file datalib.cpp.

HSqlInterface::~HSqlInterface ( )


Definition at line 1009 of file datalib.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void HSqlInterface::cloneSqlInterfaceSettingsFrom ( HSqlInterface other)

Copy the SQL interface settings from the given parameter HSqlInterface. (The HSqlHaldler's cloneSqlSettingsFrom() function will call this automatically!)

Definition at line 733 of file datalib.h.

HSqlSingleInterface * HSqlInterface::currentDefaultSqlInterface ( void  )

Returns the current HSqlSingleInterface interface pointer

Definition at line 1053 of file datalib.cpp.

HSqlSingleInterface * HSqlInterface::getSqlInterface ( QString  interfacename)

Returns the given named HSqlSingleInterface interface pointer

Definition at line 1059 of file datalib.cpp.

HSqlSingleInterface* HSqlInterface::myInterface ( void  )

Returns the interface describe object of the current instance, according to the myinstance attribute Use this class to get Sql interface informations!

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Definition at line 738 of file datalib.h.

void HSqlInterface::setSqlMode ( QString  modename)

Sets the currewnt default sql configuration. This HSqlInterface instances/descendants keeps this sql interface settings permanently after creation. It means this function is SET A DEFAULT interface. So the objects (Even HTables,HList,etc) stays in that interface which was the current during the creation.

Currrently possible modes:

  • "QtSqlite_Lin" Sqlite database under Linux (Qt internal sqlite)
  • "QtSqlite_Win" Sqlite database under Win32 (Qt internal sqlite)
  • "PostgreSQL_WinOdbc" Postgresql database with Odbc interface on windows
  • "PostgreSQL_LinPsql" Postgresql database on Linux with Qt interface
  • "MYSQL_WinOdbc" MYSQL database on Windows with Odbc interface
  • "MYSQL_LinQt" MYSQL database on Linux with Qt interface

Definition at line 1013 of file datalib.cpp.

void HSqlInterface::setSqlModeBackToFirst ( void  )

If you set more then one setSqlMode() this function will load the first given interface to current default.

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Definition at line 1047 of file datalib.cpp.

QString HSqlInterface::sqlConcatenateToLocal ( QString  string)

Convert concatenated fields from standard sql to local according to the current interface.

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Definition at line 1068 of file datalib.cpp.

QString HSqlInterface::sqlConcatenateToLocal ( QStringList  fields)

Concatenate fields according to the current interface.

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Definition at line 1091 of file datalib.cpp.

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