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HSqlSingleInterface Class Reference

#include <datalib.h>

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Public Attributes

bool hsqli_appendsqlerrormsg
QString hsqli_booleantypename
int hsqli_charhash_varcharlength
QString hsqli_currentModeName
QString hsqli_datetypename
QString hsqli_falsevalue
QString hsqli_floattypename
int hsqli_hackconvert_stdsqlconcatenation_to_local
bool hsqli_hasdatetype
bool hsqli_hastimestamptype
QString hsqli_hkeyconstraint
bool hsqli_hkeytype_varchar_int
bool hsqli_largetext_sizemustdefine
int hsqli_largetext_varcharlength
bool hsqli_need_create_sequence_before
QString hsqli_numbertypename
QString hsqli_sequence_creation_string
int hsqli_smalltext_varcharlength
bool hsqli_sqlchooseconstraint
QString hsqli_timestampnowvalue
QString hsqli_timestamptypename
QString hsqli_truevalue
bool hsqli_usequerysize
int hsqli_varcharhkeylength

Detailed Description

This class holds information about a single sql database system. Don't instance it directly. You have to redefine this class if you would like to write a new sql interface.

See Also

Definition at line 556 of file datalib.h.

Member Data Documentation

bool HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_appendsqlerrormsg

Will the driver produced sql error messages be concatenated to the own generated error messages

Definition at line 633 of file datalib.h.

QString HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_booleantypename

How the boolean type name looks like in sql

Definition at line 571 of file datalib.h.

int HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_charhash_varcharlength

The size of VARCHAR typed charhash. Where this variable is the n in "VARCHAR(n)"

Definition at line 596 of file datalib.h.

QString HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_currentModeName

Contains the name of this mode

Definition at line 564 of file datalib.h.

QString HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_datetypename

Sql typename of the date field (in case of CREATE TABLE)

Definition at line 624 of file datalib.h.

QString HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_falsevalue

How the false value looks like in the database? For example "0" or "FALSE"

Definition at line 577 of file datalib.h.

QString HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_floattypename

Sql typename of the float type (in case of CREATE TABLE)

Definition at line 612 of file datalib.h.

int HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_hackconvert_stdsqlconcatenation_to_local

How the string concatenation looks like in this interface. This attribute is conrols how the standard way concatenated strings passed to the sql database.

  • 0 means the standard sql way "alpha || ' and ' || beta"
  • 1 means the mysql way (the "alpha || ' and ' || beta" is converted to "CONCAT(alpha,' and ',beta)"
  • 2 means the mssql way (the "alpha || ' and ' || beta" is converted to "alpha+' and '+beta"

Definition at line 641 of file datalib.h.

bool HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_hasdatetype

Is there date type in the sql database (If not it is need to handle by varchar /like in sqlite/)

Definition at line 621 of file datalib.h.

bool HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_hastimestamptype

Is there TIMESTAMP type or not? (If not it's impossible to insert this kind of field to tables)

Definition at line 615 of file datalib.h.

QString HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_hkeyconstraint

In case of creating table (generate the CREATE TABLE string) the HKey data field will get this constraint (The SEQNAME is replaced to a sequence name)

Definition at line 593 of file datalib.h.

bool HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_hkeytype_varchar_int

The type of the HKey data field: true => VARCHAR false => INTEGER

Definition at line 580 of file datalib.h.

bool HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_largetext_sizemustdefine

This attribute is true if we need to define the size of varchar types. Only affect largetext typed fields.

Definition at line 602 of file datalib.h.

int HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_largetext_varcharlength

The size of VARCHAR typed largetexth, if we need define. (See hsqli_largetext_sizemustdefine) Where this variable is the n in "VARCHAR(n)"

Definition at line 606 of file datalib.h.

bool HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_need_create_sequence_before

Does we need to create a sequence before the table to autoincrement primary key of the table. (True if yes)

Definition at line 586 of file datalib.h.

QString HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_numbertypename

Sql typename of the integer type (in case of CREATE TABLE)

Definition at line 609 of file datalib.h.

QString HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_sequence_creation_string

Sql creation string of a sequence. (The SEQNAME is replaced to a sequence name)

Definition at line 589 of file datalib.h.

int HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_smalltext_varcharlength

The size of VARCHAR typed smalltext. Where this variable is the n in "VARCHAR(n)"

Definition at line 599 of file datalib.h.

bool HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_sqlchooseconstraint

Has the SQLChoose field constraints or not? In case of CREATE TABLE

Definition at line 627 of file datalib.h.

QString HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_timestampnowvalue

How can I get the current value for a timestamp field

Definition at line 630 of file datalib.h.

QString HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_timestamptypename

Sql typename of the timestamp field. (in case of CREATE TABLE)

Definition at line 618 of file datalib.h.

QString HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_truevalue

How the true value looks like in the database? For example "1" or "TRUE"

Definition at line 574 of file datalib.h.

bool HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_usequerysize

If the SqlQuery->numRowsAffented function returns good value it is worth to set true, otherwise it is need to set false to makes the program works.

Definition at line 568 of file datalib.h.

int HSqlSingleInterface::hsqli_varcharhkeylength

If the HKey field is varchar this value is determine the length of that varchar key field

Definition at line 583 of file datalib.h.

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