gSAFE  1.3.8
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HShowPrintHtml Class Reference

#include <guilib.h>

Inherits QDialog.

Public Slots

void slotPrint (void)
void slotSave (void)
void slotStart (void)

Public Member Functions

 HShowPrintHtml (QWidget *parent)
void setContent (QString str)
void setWinTitle (QString t)

Detailed Description

This is a helper class of HDispPlainDataMatrix and HPlainDMD. That classes have a html view option. If the html option requested, the HShowPrintHtml class will show the generated html.
This class carry out a dialog with a html viewer, and a Print button, a Save button, and an external editor button. The external editor will be described in EXT_EDIT_PROCESS define.

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Definition at line 1192 of file guilib.h.

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